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Big Decisions, No Meltdown

Welp, today is the day that I left Gymnasts for Change Canada - the organization I helped co-found a year and a half ago.

Creating this organization and the work we have done is without a doubt one of the things I am most proud of - in and out of sport.

Leaving the organization is also something I am tremendously proud of. It was and is a difficult decision, and I have followed through on my most important value - self-loyalty.

Making the decision and preparing to leave was one level of proud, but the capacity that I now have to handle big decisions and public decisions is a stark contrast from where I was a few years ago.

When I first came out with a piece of my story, it took me years to recover - honestly, it was until this spring. Today, I left publicly and I have the capacity to write this, go for lunch, and train tonight. The decision to leave shows how much I value my own voice and trust it, and my capacity today after having left shows how much I trust myself and how much work I have done on myself.

Bittersweet day to say the least, but in the end, the person I fear disappointing most is myself - and that is why we are here.




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