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Ryan Sheehan Gymnastics

about ryan

Hello, my friends!

I started Gymnastics at the age of 3, competitive at 9 and started travelling at 11. While it was and always will be my first love, I have spent most of my capacity since 2019 trying to report the unfortunate abuse I experienced as a teenager in sport.

Since 2019, I co-founded an advocacy organization, left and started my own projects, a design business, focused on my writing, and have slowly started writing my next chapter while continuing the story of my Gymnastics career,

Travel was the second thing I fell in love with - exploring, learning, wandering. My third love was writing - telling stories. I come from a family of the funniest, best storytellers and it's my favorite way to connect.

My corner of the Internet has been consistent at best as I kept my head above water these last few years. I am proud of myself for getting to the other side, but I am not proud of how much I lost along the way.

This place - my place - on the Internet serves to inspire (hopefully!) and never tell you what to do. Here, I am designing my next chapter, and helping others do the same.

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