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Survivors vs. the System

The hardest part of advocacy in the sport space currently is the "us vs. them" mentality. The power players in sport, who can truly make decisions to increase safety are not making them, while us survivors are in the trenches of supporting others.

Today's adventure is in thinking of bridging the gap of "us vs. them".

This week was a US hearing about the Olympic Committee, featuring a section on the US Centre for SafeSport. It is eerie how similar the challenges are between our countries, especially considering our SafeSport models in Canada are completely based on the US Centre. They are slightly ahead of us in creating these systems, but we are following in their footsteps and not learning from their mistakes.

If you want to take a listen, here is the LINK .

If you have any ideas on bridging the gap, I would love to hear them. The narrative of Sport Survivors vs. the Sport System is tired, and I don't want to play those games any longer.

To hear all of my thoughts, please listen to the video below.




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