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What is RS Club?

Hi friends!

Thanks for checking out RS Club!

What is RS Club?

I've always struggled with the balance of sharing my life on the internet, but lately given the state of Gymnastics, I have found the importance of storytelling more and more. I was on TikTok last night (of course!) and a therapist on there was talking about her own personal disclosure to her clients, and then on the internet. She said she felt like with her job, that she didn't want all of her personal details that easily accessible to the internet, but that based on her following, she found it important to share more about herself than she typically would - man, could I relate!

RS Club is my solution to that problem! My Blog is my collection of things, stories and experiences on a more broad level - what I do in my life to live a little bigger, find a little more adventure. RS Club is more personal - what are my thoughts on the current state of Gymnastics? What is it really like to move across the world, start at a new gym and rebuild your career? While my blog is honest and I'm happy to share stories there, it is based in fun. RS Club is going to be much more current and much more vulnerable. There are certain things that I write and share that I think are important for a broad audience to see - people who may not know me well or frankly, care about me at all, and RS Club is going to be for supporters that want a deeper look.

Why start RS Club?

The idea started in the spring when I went to France for the first time - but I couldn't quite flush out what I was comfortable posting publicly or not, so I let it go. I'm quite a private person, and don't like to share the details of my life - especially not on the internet, but with everything going on, I feel like the people who have supported me deserve more frequent and honest updates, and for the people that doubt that I do anything, it's a chance for them to realize how much work has gone into my life in the last year.

How is RS Club going to work?

RS Club is going to be a monthly subscription through this website. The link will be to access any and all posts.

I will post, at minimum, weekly updates as a long-form blog or video post, giving updates on what has happened in my life that week, what projects are going on and behind-the-scenes look at training, advocacy, and more. I am also going to include a section where you can ask anonymous questions that I will answer every week - which I am really looking forward to!

So, thank you for the support up until this point, and I look forward to giving every a wider glimpse into my projects and life!



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