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Travel Photos with Friends (Story)


I identify primarily as a traveller, adventurer, whatever you have it. I need to be in motion at all times.

I was going (or had already gone) stir crazy in Edmonton, and decided to HIT THE ROAD baby. Where to you may ask? Regina!

Now, you might think that that was joke, but t'was not. My good friend Danni lives in Regina. She came to visit in June, and I figured my chances to get the hell out of Edmonton or Alberta was going to dwindle hard after school started.

It was a super fun weekend. We visited a ton, we went to the gym, ate some amazing vegan food - my favorite things!

Funny Story. I follow this TikTok account called "overheard" and it's basically a quick conversation of something insane someone overhead. It's always funny, and now, I have my own. We were sitting at restaurant and Danni went to the washroom, so naturally I starts to eavesdrop. The table beside us was four people about our ages. The one guy goes "Yeah, we've been pretty bored. We've watched a ton of Hell's Kitchen". And as a Hell's Kitchen lover, my ear grew like a chia pet. He goes "we tried to find somewhere in town that we can get Beef Wellington, but at this point I think we're going to have to go out of province!". I was cackling.

I've travelled with Danni a ton. We went to the Canary Islands, dodged the Nice terrorist attacks (story time for later!) and hit the South of France and Spain. We also had a trip to Cuba booked for last March that we #cancelled because of a certain virus.

All of my friends that I have travelled with know the deal: I'll take great photos of them, and in return, they have to take photos of me while I bark at them until I'm happy with the result. And also walk faster or I will leave you in the dust. If that means you get on the treadmill every night for a few weeks before we leave as practice, then so be it. Simple, no?

I travel with the same people often so they get it by now. I'm equal parts fun and a monster.

Some of my favorite photos that I've ever taken have been of my friends. I love to capture places and aesthetics, but there is something about a person being in that moment that makes it so much more special.

Now, to the story. I've travelled with Danni many of times, and I've been passive aggressive enough that she knows to take my picture until the photo is good. Last weekend, as always, I saw an opportunity and offered to take her photo (below).

Adorable, right? So in return, I ask if she can take mine (below).

What in the actual fuck is that? Truly an lol.

I was telling my cousin this story the other day, and thought to myself - actually, I have about 50 examples of this. So I dug through the archives.

Now before I completely shit on Danni, she has gotten a ton of great photos - I'll put them at the bottom, but I honestly think it's hilarious that these photos exist because it's the last thing I want - which is exactly why the universe gives it to me. "Stay humble" - God

I saw this meme the other day that was a conversation along these lines:

"Oh my god, I look so ugly in these pictures."

"What? That's what you look like."

So I'm going to err on the side of it's Danni's fault, and I'm a flawless human.




Ok this one, I will take some of the blame for. In the midst of a quarter-life crisis, I thought it would be cute to bleach my hair (myself) and then immediately leave for a month trip. On top of this, my skin is almost transparent (can you see my organs) and my hair is yellow. If you noticed above, I said I would take some of the blame. You wouldn't believe the POSITIVE reactions I got from that hair... Hindsight is 20/20 and it looks horrible, but to everyone who said it looked great, you lied to my face and I will never forgive you.

Las Palmas

Ok, now for real here are a few of my favorites

Honestly, this was just a good excuse to go back and look at these awesome trips. Oh, how I long to travel again.




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