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The 5 Sweaters every Man needs for the Fall

Sweater Weather is upon us (yay!) and it’s about staying cozy and stylish for Fall.

What I love about a Sweater (and you should too) is that you can dress it up and down, but it can also be your statement piece. What do I mean by that? If you have a beautiful, simple sweater, the rest of your look can be soooo simple. If you have a big, obnoxious sweater, the rest of your look can be soooo simple. It's a win-win. Personally, I love a look that never goes for anything simple (more is more, baby!), but I can appreciate a super chic, put together look.

Check out our guide from affordable to luxury, simple to obnoxious (I will say my taste leans obnoxious soooo). Here we go!

Essentials has been everywhere - I’ve never recognized a brand on the street more than Essentials in the last few months. I love the simple aesthetic, and the cuts - more street style, but is something stylish that every can pull off.

Is it a sweater? I’ll leave that for you to decide. I love this, especially in cream, for a casual, cozy vibe. It’s perfect for going to and from the gym, a weekend outing, or anything early morning/later evening. Stay cozy as Autumn rolls in!

A little Gucci-esque, but gorgeous. I love the aesthetic of a tucked-in sweater and this is no exception. Again, the Sweater can be the centrepiece of the outfit, or if you really want to go big, pair it with a patterned pair of pants, or biggest, chunkiest shoes. The more, the merrier.

Ok, did I design this cutie? SURE! But it’s absolutely one of my favorite pieces right now. It’s kooky, it’s atypical, and it’s exactly what we need right now. Leave the boring and basic at home, and go for it!

Let the war on subtly begin! I love the built-in turtleneck, and just the overall vibe to bring into winter. It leaves the graphics out, but can be worn with a simple pair of pants and boots, or something something more casual - joggers and some white/cream sneakers.

What are you Autumn essentials? What is your go to sweater? I can't wait to hear!




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