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Small Kitchen Must-Haves | Living in Paris

Ok, I would first like to say that I am FAR from a Kitchen expert, but I am an eating expert...

I knew the place I was getting for the next few months was small, but there wasn't a ton of detail on what it was equipped with.

While pleasantly surprised with what it has come with, I am still yearning for a little more - especially coming from a North American Kitchen.

My Essentials

A Microwave

The thing I am most grateful for is the Microwave. From warming up my coffee and leftovers, to fully cooking some meals, it would probably be my first purchase if I didn't have one.

Without an Oven and my Stovetop being very slow to heat up, I would have a very hard time without a Microwave.

A Coffee Maker

This is where I am currently lack (sad), but I did find myself some good instant coffee. I am a person who truly enjoys the taste of coffee, so it does kill me a little that I have landed on instant coffee at the moment.

I had a Nespresso back in Canada and did love it. It's very versatile and compact. That is likely what I will opt for here strictly for size and accessibility - every grocery store has a huge section of Nespresso pods.

Air Fryer

This is the part where I am struggling. At home, I used the Air Fryer at almost every single meal. It's so much more convenient and quick than using the Oven, and well, I don't have an Oven here. At home, I had the cheapest one - a Walmart find for $50 and never had a problem with it. Even today, I was making a stir-fry and everything was just the same texture - that's stovetop cooking for me.

A Good Set of Cutlery

The first thing I noticed at my apartment was the lack of storage and any drawers. It took me an entire day to notice that the cutlery was in a cup on the counter. All the cutlery is different sizes - like from baby to huge Spoons - and I never realized how unappealing a meal can be if the cutlery seems weird.

What are you Kitchen Essentials? Have you ever had to work within a small Kitchen?




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