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Why the Algarve is a Must-Visit through Photos

I hate to say it, but I have been to Algarve about 7 or 8 times. While most of the time is spent in a non-Air-conditioned Gym, it is absolutely one of the most wonderful places to visit. Come on the journey from 2018!

Photo Diary

Where have I been? Where to go?

The most famous question of all, and a chance for me to talk about travels - so let's dive in!

The competition we visit in the Algarve is in a town called Loule, which I love. We usually stay out of Loule (we'll get to that in a moment), but have stayed in Loule, which is wonderful. It's a quaint little town, with a beautiful market and lot's of unusual but delicious restaurants. If you are looking for something away from typical tourist places (on the water), Loule is a great option.

Our main hotel that we have stayed at for the Loule World Cup has always been Atismar in Quarteira. While, I will say it has not kept up with the times like other places (mainly the lack of wifi), it is a beautiful hotel in a great fantastic location (a block from the beach) at a great price. Quarteira is awesome - also lot's of things to do - a huge waterpark nearby, a Dolphinarium (although I have never been to it), markets, lots of restaurants on the boardwalk, and of course, one of the most exquisite beaches on the planet.

We have also spent much time in Villamoura. If you are from Canada, my joke always is that the Algarve is the Okanagan of Portugal - known for retirement, beaches and golf. Villamoura always seems a little more posh than other locations, and I personally love that. The Marina is fantastic, with great restaurants and day trips out on the water, and the surrounding hotels are beautiful. We have had a couple of the event banquets at the Villamoura casino which is also a great time, and offers lots of shows.

How I would plan a trip to the Algarve

If you are looking for a straight beach vacation, I would choose Quarteira and find a place right on the beach. If you want to spend all of your time there, you won't need a car as restaurants and grocery stores are right at your finger tips on the boardwalk or a block in-land.

If you want to tour the area, I would spend a little time in Loule, a little time out on the water (so I would stay in a Villamoura) and then end in Quarteira for some seriously beautiful beach time. There are plenty of tours to various towns, golf, and any other activities you can think of, and of course, boat tours.

Have you been to Portugal? What have you loved?




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