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Must See, Reads + Do's for the Weekend | September 16/2022

Happy Weekend, Friends!

What is everyone up to? This weekend is pretty relaxing for the first days, and then I get to pick my sister up from the airport on Sunday! She moved to Australia truly 10 days before COVID shut the world down. She came back for a quick visit in April, but now she’s back for over a month!

- and while you’re at it - watch Fire Island on Disney+ for your Queer Romance story!

- Suitcase Mag’s “Where to Travel in September” to take the edge off of your/my Wanderlust

- Girls Next Level Podcast - for anyone interested in the Playboy World or watched Girls Next Door

Movie: Other People - If you need something to truly bring you back down to earth, Other People will do the trick. It’s a beautiful movie, albeit very sad and emotional.

Have a great weekend!



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