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Losing my keys to my Apartment | Living in Paris

Soooo, I figured out how to use Uber Eats here. I don't have a buzzer and I don't have wifi or data once I leave my floor (6th floor) of my building, so I didn't know how it would all work.

They have grocery deliveries and mostly everything is done by bike so it's quick and cheap.

The other day, my first day ordering UberEats, I order and am nervous as to how I will actually meet the driver and such. I keep my keys in the same spot every time - a little shelf by the door with my sunglasses. There is one FOB to get into the courtyard (first door) and to get into the building (second door), and then a specific key to get into my unit (third door).

I went down early to meet the driver because I didn't want to miss him or something - paranoid! I'm standing at the first door with it open, and me just like leaning against the frame. He comes, it was super easy and quick, delivers my delicious vegan pizza, I close the first door, grab my keys out of my pocket and go to use the FOB on the second door to get into my actual building. There is no FOB.

There is a heavy little keychain on there that came with the keys and I didn't even notice the FOB was gone when I grabbed it, or if I lost it along the way. I'm wearing my raggedy sweatpants, I have my phone that doesn't have data or wifi, I don't have my wallet, I'm wearing Flip Flops - like I'm screwed.

A few days before, I was pulling my keys out of my murse and the ring that the FOB was on was loosen when it was caught on something. I tighten it again, but never really thought of it. Until now.

So I'm standing in the courtyard being like - I can't even go to a hotel if I wanted, I can't get ahold of the guy who runs the AirBnB, if I leave the courtyard then I can't even get back in here because it's the same FOB, and I don't even know where the FOB is - did I leave it upstairs or did I genuinely lose it?

I try the door, it's locked - of course. I buzz the people that let me in the first day - the caretakers of the units and I plan my French speech as to why I am buzzing them. No answer.

So I literally bodycheck the door and it opens. I knew it was kinda flimsy and it worked - thank god.

I frantically check the Elevator for the FOB, and every floor I go up I'm like - please god let it be by the door or somewhere I can see it. Nope. Get off at the sixth floor - no FOB - not by my door, nothing. So I use the only key on the actual chain that I have and open my door to find the FOB sitting on the shelf.

I have no idea how it came off the chain, and I especially don't know how I grabbed the keys and didn't notice it still sitting there.

It was the first time since I've been here where I felt like I was actually, completely effed. I knew I could figure it all out somehow, some way, but it truly a moment of helplessness.

Anyways, make sure you have your keys everyone!




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