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Exiting Gracefully

Ryan Sheehan and family at Jenn's wedding

I have never been a person to exit gracefully. I have always believed in the art of blowing everything up and giving every last person a piece of my mind. Call it growing up, maturing or simply giving up, but this newer version of myself has really leaned into the value of leaving situations that no longer serve me.

I’ve been stuck on this point of “choosing myself”, “showing up for myself”, and when I look back on moments that feel tremendously unaligned, I am in situations or places or with people that just do not serve me.

I have noticed how good I am at recognizing misaligned NEW situations, and how poor I am at recognizing already situated situations. It is hard to accept that an already established situation is not working, because you must exit. There are feelings, personalities and history to exit.

For almost all of my life, I would stay and fight and give it everything - whether anyone asked for it or not. When I say I couldn’t leave, even temporarily, without getting every. single. thing. off my chest - I mean it.

Lately, the value of exiting gracefully has been a life changer. I can just leave. I don’t need a conversation, I don’t need what I would have called closure, I need to just not be there.




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